The Illusion and Reality of Perfection

  The Illusion.  Our society tells us what perfect is – the perfect job, the perfect personality, the perfect car, the perfect wedding, the perfect spouse, the perfect looks, the perfect house, the perfect family. A non-management, underpaid position doing grunt work?  Not the perfect job – try being a manager with a nice salary.  QuietContinue reading “The Illusion and Reality of Perfection”

“It is finished.”

  Why did Jesus have to die to save us?  Couldn’t he have found another way?  Think of this.  What is the one thing that humanity cannot end, no matter how much medical research and scientific breakthroughs occur?  Death.  Death comes to every living thing on earth.  Nothing can stop it.  It is inevitable.  The most powerfulContinue reading ““It is finished.””

Sex: What’s the big deal?

“What’s the big deal with sex, anyway?  Why is it important to save sex for marriage?” These are common questions, and the answer to them tells one of God’s greatest love stories. Here are 5 reasons sex is a big deal. 1.  Sex is Holy.  There are two extreme viewpoints about sex: One is that “sex is goodContinue reading “Sex: What’s the big deal?”