Is your future spouse your idol?

  When I first entered the “dating scene,” I had a list of ideals that my future husband would have. I’m not talking about standards, because those are good to have. I’m talking about an idealist image—nothing short of a movie. But, I came to realize that no man made me “feel” a magical wayContinue reading “Is your future spouse your idol?”

Is binge drinking destroying your relationship?

   “The first few months we dated, I never knew he binge drank.  I would have never guessed it because, after all, he went to mass every Sunday.  One time, he invited me to go out with his friends.  He kissed me when he was drunk.  I felt so dirty after.  No girl grows upContinue reading “Is binge drinking destroying your relationship?”

Love is not a Hollywood movie

  Many people walk away from true love because they think it should look like a Hollywood movie.  “He/she didn’t make me happy.”  “I didn’t have the feeling he/she was ‘the one.’”  Our society says that one day we will wake up with a rainbow over our bed showing us who “the one” is.  OnContinue reading “Love is not a Hollywood movie”

Whose will is it? God’s or mine?

  A huge mystery of our faith is the intertwining of God’s will with our free will.  Whose will is it?  God’s will or my will?  I know I have asked myself this question.  Relationships, including our relationship with our Lord, include two people.  They aren’t just one person or the other.  They are dynamic.Continue reading “Whose will is it? God’s or mine?”

The Illusion and Reality of Perfection

  The Illusion.  Our society tells us what perfect is – the perfect job, the perfect personality, the perfect car, the perfect wedding, the perfect spouse, the perfect looks, the perfect house, the perfect family. A non-management, underpaid position doing grunt work?  Not the perfect job – try being a manager with a nice salary.  QuietContinue reading “The Illusion and Reality of Perfection”

“It is finished.”

  Why did Jesus have to die to save us?  Couldn’t he have found another way?  Think of this.  What is the one thing that humanity cannot end, no matter how much medical research and scientific breakthroughs occur?  Death.  Death comes to every living thing on earth.  Nothing can stop it.  It is inevitable.  The most powerfulContinue reading ““It is finished.””