Mothergood Feature: Emily Hannon

1. Tell us about your background and a little bit about who you are?

I am 25 years old, a wife, and mother of two little boys (19 months and 3 weeks). We live on a quiet street in the country and I love that our home and space allows us to live a simple, free, and slow day-to-day life. As a young stay-at-home mom to small children, I am constantly learning how to navigate this beautiful, but challenging, vocation. Even though most days are messy and tiring, I feel fuller and more at peace than ever before. 

2. What do you find most fulfilling about motherhood? the most challenging?

Knowing with complete certainty that I am exactly where I should be brings me such deep peace and joy. I am often overwhelmed with gratitude that two tiny souls have been entrusted to me and my husband. It is such important, valuable work that literally reaches into eternity. 

A challenge that I have been faced with, as a mother, is learning to let go of my own desires, fears, and anxieties. There are so many ups and downs of motherhood, and it’s sometimes a challenge to pick myself up after a long, hard day and start anew.  It’s also so easy to compare myself to other moms or to forget that I am uniquely capable of loving and leading my children in a beautifully specific way. In the midst of the mundane and nitty-gritty of caring for a toddler and newborn, it can be difficult to see the beauty that still surrounds me in the everyday, ordinary moments. But, it is there if I look for it, and the Creator is ever present amidst it all. 

3. What does motherhood look like for your right now? what do you love about where you are? what would you change?

I am a 25 year-old stay-at-home mom of a one and a half year-old old little boy and 3 week old baby brother. My husband and I got married two years ago and had our first child before our first wedding anniversary. Within a year, I was married, pregnant, had quit my daytime job, and had moved from the city to the suburbs as a full-time mom. It was a lot of change in a short period of time! But, I love that every day brings small wonders and opportunities to learn more about my children and to allow them to stretch and teach me.

I feel blessed to be able to stay home full time and to build an environment for my children that is nurturing, peaceful, and joyful. I wish it were a bit easier, as a young stay-at-home mom, to find and build community amongst other young moms, since I struggled with this in the first few months of motherhood. I’ve come to learn that you don’t necessarily need to be involved in every moms group or schedule play dates every day. But, every mom does need one or two close friends who are always there for you, to spend quality time with, and relate to on a deeper level. 

4. How have you incorporated motherhood into your identity without losing your own individuality?

I have always wanted to be a mother.  When I became a parent, I felt even more myself and whole than ever before. In so many ways, motherhood has forced me to be less selfish and more focused on serving others, particularly my husband and children. It has actually made me more secure in my individuality and more aware of the particular gifts I’ve been given as a woman. I’m learning to embrace exactly who I am and appreciate that my life doesn’t have to look exactly like anyone else’s. In fact, I love that it is fully my own and I have the freedom to create a particular home for my children.  

5. What advice would you give women who are considering/desiring motherhood?

Don’t be afraid of the unknown. You will be stretched in ways you never thought possible—spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally—and there will be times when you will rely on grace alone to just get through the day. But, if you say yes and keep saying yes, the joy only multiplies. The love and joy simply increases more than you ever thought possible.  

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