Welcome to Mothergood Co

We welcome you to Mothergood Co., a lifestyle platform for mothers. Our mission is to empower moms to be the women they are called to be throughout all stages of motherhood. 

How it all Began: Our Story

Mothergood Co was founded over drinks among friends in Orange County, CA. What started out as a conversation about our families and our latest professional milestones turned into a discussion about the current culture of motherhood.

We came from different backgrounds and represented women working in medicine, law, and business. We had recently become moms or were moms-in-waiting. We noted the common anxiety we felt before taking the life-changing step towards motherhood, and the typical negative and limiting misconceptions people had about motherhood. We recounted tales from our own mothers and mothers-in-law. We highlighted the disconnect between the attitudes of others, and our own positive and challenging experiences as mothers. If we all believed motherhood was misunderstood and poorly portrayed, surely others felt the same way?

Mothergood Co is starting a new conversationone for moms who want to learn from each other; who are seeking a positive, practical, and forward-thinking approach to motherhood. We cheer for mothers who strive to live authentic lives in the 21st century and hope to serve as a valued resource in navigating the joys and challenges of motherhood.

Our core belief is that there isn’t just one way to be a good mother, and so we are open to varied perspectives on motherhood-related topics. Claiming that there’s a single “right” way to parent is a dangerous ideology, leading parents to hide behind their chosen “parenting philosophy.” We aim to create an open forum and present varied perspectives from mothers in different circumstances. Being a mother, in and of itself, is already such an extremely difficult task and selfless gift that there should never be any mom-shaming when a mother is doing the very best she can.  Every family is different, and we aim to embrace those differences to help moms along their journey of motherhood.

While we love reflecting on experiences, we aren’t overly-sentimental.  Our reflections are purposeful, draw practical conclusions, and remain positive about motherhood.  We may occasionally indulge with an unapologetically sappy post, but our main focus will be on the practical.  Examples of our practical focus include: overcoming, accepting, or adopting amidst infertility; management of negative physical and psychological pregnancy symptoms; navigating the wild west of the postpartum period; and, discovering and implementation of parenting styles.

We also value evidence-based and peer-reviewed research, which falls in line with our practical focus.  This means that our assertions and recommendations are based on these principles, and we do not promote pseudoscience. While we will not condemn a mother for her personal decisions, we will not condone and promote those personal decisions as the right course of action for mothers on a universal level, nor will we facilitate the communication and debate of such topics.

Here at Mothergood, our core belief is one of authenticity—we express what it is “really” like to be a mother.  We will not photoshop mothers and paint an idyllic rosy picture of what motherhood is all about.  On the other hand, we will not solely present the difficult and hard aspects of motherhood so that it seems undesirable.  We seek to strike a balance between both extremes.

Being a mother looks so different for each woman.  Yet, the diverse experiences of motherhood often evoke the same feelings, both positive and negative.  Our goal is to provide a community where mothers can freely express the challenges of motherhood and encourage each other to overcome or accept those challenges. 

Our conversations about motherhood are positive.  Yes, we want to be real and authentic about the challenges of motherhood, balanced with positivity.  At the end of the day, amidst our trials and circumstances, our overarching goal is to paint motherhood in a positive light.  There is already so much negativity out there regarding motherhood, so much so that many women are delaying or opting out of motherhood altogether. 

Our aim is to empower all women that they, too, can be good mothers. Our belief is that all women can become their best selves through motherhood, regardless of situation and circumstances, and we want serve as a guide for our readers as they strive to become the best “mother” version of themselves.

Please join the conversation!


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